I feel humbled when I look at the extraordinary skill and creativity that has gone before.


I was born in the North West of England in 1965. My father, David, was a skilled engineer, craftsman and, later, Master Horologist. After a predominantly scientific education, I went on to train in fine cabinet-making in Oxford, followed by study in Industrial Design in London. I then worked alongside Viscount Linley at the Linley Company in London from 1993 to 2001. After moving to Queenstown, New Zealand, in 2002, I founded Cruikshank with a dream of designing and building bespoke furniture here in this awe-inspiring, alpine environment.


After 10 years, I've recently closed my Queenstown showroom in favour of creating a private studio where I now spend the majority of my time designing unique, tailor-made pieces for private customers. I am particularly interested in creating pieces that relate personally to their owners and that will last for multiple generations.


In between these bespoke projects, I devote regular time to a small collection of my favourite signature designs. Most are inspired by my friends and family. They are my 'off-the-peg' offering, yet can still be personalised.


Every item of furniture whether a bespoke or from my signature collection is designed and developed here in my private Queenstown studio. They are built by highly skilled local and national artisans including cabinet-makers, precision engineers, boat builders, gunsmiths, upholsterers, wood carvers and games-makers.


Projects include residential and commercial furniture and interiors, architectural collaborations and art installations.

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