enduring design

I'm always looking ahead...thinking about where the piece may end up years from now.


I believe that the best work - work that melds the highest caliber of creativity, craftsmanship and design - endures. It is timeless, like a great story it can link and enrich lives across many generations. To me, timeless design has two main components. The first is the relationship between a real life need and an elegant physical and aesthetic answer to that need. When a beautiful design is in harmony with a real life need, there is a timelessness in the situation. The second component is the relationship of quality craftsmanship and appropriate, enduring materials. When I make something from an ancient piece of Oak or Walnut, and structure the design in a way that it is as strong as the material, I enable that piece to last for many lifetimes.


I work with an eye towards continuity, with the desire that the pieces I create will age gracefully. I design for real life, not for show. My furniture can be used and it will last. Every item I deliver will be beautiful and perfect when it crosses your threshold but, as a great wine matures with age, so will my pieces. They are designed for at least a lifetime, if not several. The materials I use will take what life throws at them and the care and craftsmanship in both the design and construction, will ensure that the piece will endure.


However, no material or product is indestructible. Enduring design to me then also includes a relationship of care, respect and ongoing support. I stand by my work to ensure it functions and lasts as intended over the long haul.

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