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My favourite people often inspire my  designs.


We all have a choice about what we surround ourselves with. When we discover something really good, something that changes the way we feel, we suddenly understand why other people have been drawn to it.


I have invested hundreds of hours into the design and develpoment of each one of my signature pieces and I continue to refine and improve them constantly. They are designed to be classic, highly practical and enduring pieces that will work in a wide range of situations. They are hand-built to the same exacting standards as my bespoke work and can also be personalised and adjusted to suit. Typically They take around six to eight weeks from order to delivery.


I don't design to be on trend or in fashion. My signature pieces have a classic character that enables them to sit comfortably in many environments. Most are already tried and tested over several years and, as you will see, several of the designs will always resonate with the stories that brought them into being.

Elvie Club


I designed the this chair to offer a new alternative to beautiful, but hard to find, antiques. The seat base and back rest are sprung to give long-lasting comfort and lumbar support. Beneath the beautifully-stitched leather cover, the seat cushion is wrapped in a feather-filled 'duvet' to create a luxurious feel and relaxed look, without the need for 'plumping'.

Hand-built by expert chair makers and upholstered in natural New Zealand leather, they are built to a quality that will enable them to become antiques of the future.


Available with fixed feet, rockers or swiveling base

Shown here in Auburn New Zealand leather'

Dimensions:  Height 720mm x Width 780mm x Depth 850mm

Price: $6,700 (please enquire here)

Koru Chair


The Koru was the first piece of furniture I designed after moving to New Zealand. Looking back it was strongly influenced by the experience and landscape of Queenstown but the story of its inspiration is very human. We were living in a lovely but freezing little cottage by the lake. One evening we had friends over for supper with their five year old daughter and after putting her to bed, wrapped in a possum blanket, the grown ups settled down around a crackling fire with with glasses of wine in hand. Ten minutes later a small figure snuck back in dragging the blanket behind her and quietly made herself a little nest in the glow of the fire. Thumb in mouth she gently dozed off to sleep. We all laughed and my friends said I should design a chair that makes big girls feel like that too. I have been delighted to see that almost every girl - and some boys too - no matter what their age seem to be magnetized to it. Over the past ten years it has been described as a nest, a cocoon, a haven, a den, a love seat, an escape and “My favorite place in the world”.

All lovely descriptions that sum up exactly what I hoped it would be. Thanks to Petra for the inspiration!


Height 1150mm, Width 1850mm, Depth 950mm

Price:$18,000 in leather and possum From $11,000 in fabric
(please enquire here

Metal & Timber Bar Stool


The cantilevered metal base supports a sculpted timber seat in this minimal and elegant stool design. The stools are built to order so can be customised to suit any bar height. They are available in other timbers or with a leather seat.


Shown here in dark steel and Black Walnut

Dimensions: Height 650 - 800mm, Width 400mm, Depth 370mm

Price: $2,950 (please enquire here)

Salon Chair


Finely proportioned and perfectly balanced, the Salon Dining Chair is hand-built by expert chair makers. The curved seat, considered frame ergonomics and subtly angled arms create a remarkably comfortable dining chair. They are available in a range of materials and can be customised to suit exact requirements.


Dimensions:  Height 850mm x Seat Width 550mm (front) / 450mm (back)

Price: $2,250 (please enquire here)

Club Rocker


When my wife Tonya was expecting our first little boy Felix, I wanted to make them a piece that would be special place to rest and feed and sleep. I researched historic and existing nursing chairs and realised there was an opportunity to create something that worked beautifully yet was not limited to that purpose alone. The result was a compact, ergonomic chair with a place to rest an exhausted head and arms that cradle the occupant.

The feature that set it apart, and created a unique piece, is the rocking base. It subsequently proved to be extremely popular as a favorite resting place, with the majority of the nursing being of of fireside drinks.


Shown here in 'Tapa' New Zealand leather

Dimensions:  Height 930mm, Width 780m, Depth 850mm

Price: $6,700 (please enquire here)

Architect Chair

The design was born as a result of an architectural collaborartion. We were considering placing some of my Classic Club Chairs in a new home he had just completed. The house was modern so he felt an equally comfortable but less stylized chair than my slighly Deco 'Club' model was needed.

The design quickly became my most popular chair. It’s lines and character enable it to sit well in many architectural environments.


Shown here in a range of leathers

Height 700mm, Width 780mm, Depth 850mm

Price: $6,700 (please enquire here)

Folded Side Table

A folded plane of Aluminium creates a side table that incorporates a well for newspapers and magazines.


Finished in graphite grey as standard and available in a spectrum of colours.

Dimensions:  Height 520mm, Width 300mm, Depth 630mm

Price: $1,900 (please enquire here)

Rufus Chair

Named after my son and he in turn after his wonderfully well-dressed Great Uncle Rufus, the design sits comfortably between the Elvie and Architect chairs.

With a welcoming broad back and domed arms it has the traditional look and comfort of a classic club chair.


Available with fixed feet, rockers or swiveling base

Shown here in ‘Tobacco' New Zealand leather

Dimensions:  Height 720mm x Width 780mm x Depth 850mm

Price: $6,700 (please enquire here)

Metal & Timber Side Table

The meticulously hand-made steel structure allows the table to cantilever over a sofa seat.

Also available in custom sizes and other timber options.

Shown here in Black Walnut and gunmetal  steel

Height 550mm, Width 350mm, Depth 450mm

Price: From $2,750 (please enquire here)

CUBA Chair and Sofa

Generous enough to cuddle up with with a loved one, the Cuba chair is also part of a larger family of

two, three or four setter sofas. Immaculately built and upholstered in New Zealand, its classic style sits

happily with modern or classic interiors.

Available with fixed feet or swiveling base

Shown here in New Zealand wool

Dimensions Height 865mm x Width 950mm x Depth 960mm
(please enquire here)

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